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Intimacy and Relationship Coaching in Berlin & Online

“Experience deeper intimacy and increased pleasure – whether you are single or in a relationship, I can help you experience new relational and sensual depth.” – Aleksandra Miskiewicz

Intimacy and relationship coaching in Berlin and online


“Experience deeper intimacy and increased pleasure – whether you are single or in a relationship, I can help you experience new relational and sensual depth.- Aleksandra Miskiewicz

Sensuality & Intimacy coaching

Do you feel like there could be so much more to sexuality that you haven’t tapped into yet? Do you want to overcome sensual and emotional blockages? Or do you want to strengthen the intimacy with your partner to yet unknown depth?
I am your loving guide through the jungles of relationships and intimacy.


Coach, loving guide

Experience Yourself

For singles and couples: connect with your intimacy
Intimacy Coaching


– open yourself up to intimacy
– understand your needs and boundaries

– develop healthy self-esteem and self-love
– overcome sexual blockages holding you back
– create prolonged, ecstatic states

– learn tantric techniques to intensify your pleasure

Relationship coaching


– deepen the connection to your partner
– make sexuality even more fulfilling for you both

– free yourself from sexual blocks to feel more 
– strengthen the love between you
– becoming more emotionally attuned with each other
– explore tantra with your partner in a safe context


Feel More

Start where you are

The coaching is accessible to everybody, whether you are single or in a relationship. It is always at your pace and within your boundaries.

Gain practical knowledge

Be guided at your own pace by down-to-earth and grounded methods including energy work, dearmoring, bodywork, tantra and relationship coaching.


Experience results

Receive a direct experience of what we are talking about. Each session invites emotions, sensations and realisations showing you the potential of what is possible.

FAQ – Answered

Frequently asked

How does a 1. session look like?

“After an introductory call, we first clarify why you are here and what you want to learn or change. Second, you set your boundaries and what you would feel comfortable with. Then, I can consult you on what type of bodywork or counselling could be the most beneficial and fitting for you.

That’s why I use a variety of methods to meet you where you are and offer what is most helpful in your specific situation.

Sometimes it’s a pure consultation, sometimes it includes bodywork. “

What might happen in a session?

“What happens in a session is determined by your boundaries and what will help you the most at the moment.

You might…
…reflect on your previous and current sex and love life.
…learn how the sexual energy flows in your body.
…be guided through breath, movement, and body awareness exercises.
…receive subtle yet powerful energy work involving little or no touch.
…receive dearmourning – gentle pressure or still touch on specific body parts to help you release tension and sensitise the area.
…talk through your patterns and habitual responses in relating.”


Does it make sense for me to work on this even though I am single at the moment?
“The first relationship you have to develop is with yourself.  A lot of people are dependant on their partner for pleasure and a sense of worth. If you feel worthy and whole on your own, you create a great basis for being a good lover. The biggest aphrodisiac is self-confidence and that is what you develop in our sessions.”
I want to work on a specific problem, can you help?

“I create a safe space and also support people with struggles with body image, erectile difficulties, toxic or abusive relationships, sexual difficulties, and struggles to orgasm.

I am happy to work with people who experience or have experienced acute trauma, however, I recommend to also consult a specialist on trauma before we work together.”

years of bodywork

years of coaching

I am Aleksandra

 “I used to have a certain image of how men are, how female bodies work, and what sex is. All my concepts crashed and burned over ago fifteen years ago when I started to practice tantra.

It opened up a whole new world for me. Through pure breath, sound, and movement I had the most ecstatic and incredible experiences. Moreover, it showed me deeper ways to open up to my partner, and to create the most secure, intimate bond I had ever experienced. 

Because I have done a depth and breadth of courses and trainings I can support you in finding your personal path to deep intimacy using the methods that are most effective for you.” – Aleksandra Miskiewicz

Experience and practice
Tantric bodywork since 2009
Energy work since 2014
Sexuality- and relationship coaching since 2015
Sexological Bodywork since 2015
Sexual therapy since 2017
Certifications and training

07/2022 Dr. Joa Dispenza Week Long Advanced Retreat

05/2020 – 2 year Relational Life Therapy Training by Terrence Real, Relational Life Institute, 2 year course
-> Relational Life Therapy Level 1, 2 and 3
-> Couples experiential
-> Staying in love – the art of fierce intimacy
-> Working with men
-> Relational parenting
-> Multigenerational trauma
-> Working with infidelity

03/2020 – Vortex Healing

01/2020 Shame, anxiety and depression online course by Internal Family Systems Institute

08/2019 – Esther Perel – Clinical Training

01/2020 Meeting of the masters – Mantak Chia und Charles Muir

01/2014 – 01/2018 Andrew Barnes – Assistant for “whole body orgasm and de-armouring”

10/2015 – 10/2017 Beziehungsdynamische Sexualtherapie -Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin

01/2009 – 10/2017 Kashima-certified tantra practitioner

06/2017 Diana Richardson – Making Love

04/2017 Margot Anand – Love, Sex and Awakening

01/2009 – 07/2015 Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB)

The offer


1,5-hour online session

 In 1 sitting

Talking through emotional and sexual blockages, opening yourself up to intimacy. Also good for couples wanting to improve their relationship, get un-stuck from patterns and increase connection. 

120 €
80 per hour

3-hour in person

In 1 sitting in Berlin

Fits well for bodywork, to heal from past experience, increase your capacity for pleasure and to open your body and emotional self.  Often booked individually, especially by women.

285 €
95 per hour

6-hour in person

In 2 sittings of 3 hours in Berlin

This is great for deep bodywork and dearmouring, especially for women. Often booked by couples to receive counselling and bodywork for both in individual or partner sessions.

510 €
85 per hour

– save 10%

Special program

couples retreats

The perfect gift to
celebrate and nourish your relationship

A custom weekend retreat for you two in Berlin or Mallorca. Treat yourself with dedicated time to connect and deepen the quality of your relationship.

This couples intensive includes sessions individually and together, spanning a weekend. The program is custom-tailored based on the topics you want to explore.

Example timeline


Opening and get-to-know
3-hour session focused on the first partner


Integration & dual counselling
3-hour session focused on the second partner
Proposed exercises and experiences for the evening


A 3-hour session with both partners
Integration and recommendations for on-going exercises

995 – 1200 € for three days, depending on the program
excl. acomodation and food.


Aleksandra Miskiewicz
Wilmersdorfer str 95
10629 Berlin


The loving guide

Experience new depth